Although contractors have had access to “barnwood” siding, trim, and interior finish material for years, the distribution of the product has always been a challenge.   Project estimates, product samples, upfront deposits, and freight costs were among a few of the issues contractors had to navigate through.   Any savings captured by dealing “direct” were quickly consumed during the distribution process.

Barnwood Industries out of Bend, Oregon has now partnered with Weyerhaeuser and Caseywood to facilitate the sale and distribution of their products.  Just as you have quoted and purchased your siding products from us for years, you are now able to do so with barn wood material.

Invite your clients to look at Barnwood’s website and call us for costs, samples, and delivery times.  Some of their products are in stock at our distributor’s Sacramento facility while others will require custom milling………just like other higher end wood sidings.

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