Although contractors have had access to “barnwood” siding, trim, and interior finish material for years, the distribution of the product has always been a challenge.   Project estimates, product samples, upfront deposits, and freight costs were among a few of the issues contractors had to navigate through.   Any savings captured by dealing “direct” were quickly consumed during the distribution process.

Barnwood Industries out of Bend, Oregon has now partnered with Weyerhaeuser and Caseywood to facilitate the sale and distribution of their products.  Just as you have quoted and purchased your siding products from us for years, you are now able to do so with barn wood material.

Invite your clients to look at Barnwood’s website and call us for costs, samples, and delivery times.  Some of their products are in stock at our distributor’s Sacramento facility while others will require custom milling………just like other higher end wood sidings.

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Wood Windows that Won’t Rot. Guaranteed…

Although it has been a number of years since the name change, The Jeld Wen line of custom and premium wood windows were once built under the Pozzi Window name. With Pozzi’s reputation for a high end quality wood window built in Bend, Oregon combined with Jeld Wen’s constant innovation to improve their product performance, JW windows have become leaders in the custom wood window market.

Although unseen, AuraLast has proven to be a key component of JW’s pine windows and doors.  Of course, it is environmentally friendly and more importantly it provides virtually 100% penetration into the wood while other products are merely dip treated. This insures a long lasting barrier against moisture, decay and termites.  Their 20 year warranty on this product feature is a testament to this.

We have found this product feature to be extremely beneficial when building in “historical areas” where wood windows are required without any exterior cladding.  The AuraLast on the exterior wood insures a built-in extra protection even prior to final painting.  The Union Street Building in Nevada City as well as many older remodeled homes in Truckee, Grass Valley and Nevada City have benefited from Jeld Wen wood windows with AuraLast.

Again, a hidden feature of Jeld Wen windows, but an invaluable benefit to you and your client.

Kevin J Casey

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Announcing the new Caseywood Website


We are very excited to have you view our new website. Besides news items, new products, and various other information, we are particularly excited about our Project page.

Our objective is to have you, our customers, send us photos of your work from remodels and decks to new construction both residential and commercial. Users will be able to link directly into your websites, facebook page or other social mediums.

Please visit our website and take a look. Thank you for both your time and, as always, your loyalty.

James Hardie Artisan Siding


Since introducing Hardie siding products to our builders in 1992, we have literally seen the product installed on thousands of homes. Hardie came during a period when contractors were experiencing constant challenges with the new wood fiber siding products. Swelling, buckling, waving, and finish seemed to be a common discussion on the job site. Hardie was able to address these issues and deliver a product and warranty that quickly took over the “man made” siding market in the foothills. Today, with California’s wildland fire codes, Hardie continues to be what builders prefer.

Over the last few years Hardie began bringing some new products to market. The product we continue to excited about is the Artisan Lap Siding. This product allows the builder to install a more authentic looking exterior siding. At 5/8″ thick verses the 5/16″ thick plank, a builder retains all of Hardie’s performance while being offered a much more traditional exterior siding profile. Combine this with the new 1-1/2″ thick Artisan Accent Trim and your client will have the authentic look of actual wood with the durability Hardie products offer.

Artisan Siding and Trim are both on display at Caseywood as well as plenty of samples to show your clients.

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