James Hardie Artisan Siding


Since introducing Hardie siding products to our builders in 1992, we have literally seen the product installed on thousands of homes. Hardie came during a period when contractors were experiencing constant challenges with the new wood fiber siding products. Swelling, buckling, waving, and finish seemed to be a common discussion on the job site. Hardie was able to address these issues and deliver a product and warranty that quickly took over the “man made” siding market in the foothills. Today, with California’s wildland fire codes, Hardie continues to be what builders prefer.

Over the last few years Hardie began bringing some new products to market. The product we continue to excited about is the Artisan Lap Siding. This product allows the builder to install a more authentic looking exterior siding. At 5/8″ thick verses the 5/16″ thick plank, a builder retains all of Hardie’s performance while being offered a much more traditional exterior siding profile. Combine this with the new 1-1/2″ thick Artisan Accent Trim and your client will have the authentic look of actual wood with the durability Hardie products offer.

Artisan Siding and Trim are both on display at Caseywood as well as plenty of samples to show your clients.

Visit their site at:  http://www.artisanluxury.com/builder/